Wool box made of merino, mohair and other balls of wool; Wool for testing or for small gifts

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Wool box to try out or knit small gifts ☺

A lot can be knitted from just one ball of wool:

★ Egg Cozy

★ Cords for gift ribbons

★ Gauntlets

★ Bracelets

★ Bolero

We put together a mix of high-quality wool for you. Here you have the opportunity to try out different yarns or to knit small gifts such as cuffs, hats or bags.

This box contains

  1. Box Basic: 4 balls of wool , at least 100 g, including: merino, mohair, kid mohair, virgin wool, baby alpaca or other wool.
  2. Box Edel: 4 balls of wool , at least 100 g, including baby alpaca, cashmere, angora, merino.
  3. A knitting pattern of your choice from Beemohr or Katia.

On the photos you can see an example of what could be hidden in the surprise box .

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