Soft bedside rug for a cozy start to the day with soft polar wool

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Knit your own warm couch blanket

Getting up is fun with this soft bedside rug. You can easily knit it yourself. The bed runner is knitted from 6 balls Polar by Katia, each 3 balls in one color.

Contents of the knitting box

  • 1 knitting instructions
  • 6 balls of polar wool

The bedside rug is knitted with a size 7 knitting needle .

This soft bedside rug is for beginners. You can choose the colors according to your taste. The available colors can be found in the image view. Please indicate your preference in the comments and choose:

  • 3 balls each for the cream
  • 3 balls each for the blue
  • Please choose the main color: 3 kn. and enter your desired color for the other 3 balls in the comments.

☆☆ The colors shown are available. ☆☆

Material: wool

  • 100% polyester
  • Needle size: 7 - 8 mm Gauge: 7M/12R
  • LL 60 m
  • Care: 30° hand wash
  • Size 36 - 38


Please select your desired color in the selection box: COLOR.



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