SALE Iron-on patch with different motifs: flowers & birds

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Textile Stickers: Flowers & Bird

Different motifs to iron on, depending on who you want to design a piece of textile for. Here you will find many different flowers, butterflies and a bird in pastel colors.

  • Colorful flowers, butterflies and bird
  • Dimensions: br: 22 cm, h: 21.7 cm

    Iron on the foil

    1. Iron onto cotton fabrics only
    2. Choose a hard, heat-resistant surface.
    3. Place the motif so that the side to be displayed is visible.
    4. Your textile model must be wrinkle-free, place the motif on it as you would like it.
    5. Place parchment paper or light fabric on top.
    6. Select temperature for cotton, max. 165 degrees. (no steam)
    7. Iron the motif on with pressure in all places, moving the iron evenly, iron on for up to 1.5 minutes.
    8. Then peel off the foil.
    9. Your dream piece is ready.


    • Hand wash at 30°
    • Do not wash in the washing machine

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