KNIT SET Lightweight bolero with long sleeves in two colors AIR

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Summer bolero with knitting instructions and wool

A cardigan that falls slightly and has long sleeves. This bolero is knitted in a coarse stitch and the white is complemented by a light powder on the arms.

The model wears the cardigan with a white bridal skirt . A nice two-piece combination and the white is loosened up a bit.

Despite the coarse mesh, the bolero warms excellently. It wears well for weddings

  • spring
  • summer and
  • autumn

white or cream

With a cream-colored dress, the white in the bolero can be replaced by cream or another color.

Contents knitting set

  • knitting instructions
  • Ingenua wool in white/powder: 78% mohair 13% polyamide 9% new wool
    • size 32/34: 3/1, size. 36/38: 3/1, size. 40/42: 4/1 ball

you still need

  • Knitting needle 7 and 15 .


If you like a different color, please choose "my color" and add the main color/secondary color.

Bridal shoot in Beverly Hills

In the first photos, the bolero is shown with a lace top. The pictures are from our LA shoot in front of the 5 star Hotel Beverly Wilshire. Where "Pretty Woman" was filmed. This hotel would definitely be a nice honeymoon idea.

Beverly Wilshire LA

Image: Luka Mjeda from pixabay

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