EBOOK 3 knitting instructions & the story of Beemohr

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How I got my company

Would you like to knit a bridal jacket? And have many questions?

  1. Which one goes best with my wedding dress?
  2. Which model can I knit with my skills?
  3. Do I have to have years of knitting experience?
  4. What wool do I need?
  5. Is my size included in the instructions?

With this book you have the choice between 3 different knitting instructions . On top of that you will learn something about the origin of Beemohr.

These knitting instructions are included

Bridal cardigan Marie
Marie knitted for brides from cashmere Merino
Bridal jacket with buttons Mimi
Bridal cardigan ala Kate Middleton knitting instructions
bridal shawl Lu
Bridal shawl turned in the back for summer brides and autumn brides

You have looked at these models so far.