KNIT-BOX Bolero HOLLY made of washi ribbon yarn by Katia

inkl. MwSt.

DIY wedding with knitting instructions, wool and knitting needles

I saw the wool on this bolero and knew immediately that this would be a very special bridal jacket .

The wool feels like a mix of cotton and paper . It is a bit thicker and the thread is flat, knitted it creates a wonderful volume. The thread stays flat and the knit is about 1 cm thick, yet romantic and ideal for a wedding.

With this knitting set you can easily knit the bolero yourself.

Wedding skirt and bolero

The matching bridal skirt you can find it here and the bolero here.

Knit kit content

  • knitting instructions
  • Wool

you still need

Features of this bridal jacket

  • Further falling
  • translucent
  • Eye-catching quality

♥ This bolero is easy to knit. ♥


The model wears this bridal bolero in white . The skirt is ivory - colors. The jacket goes with white and ivory.

The model

The model is 1.71 m tall and wears a 75B. She wears size here. 32/34/36.

Material & required wool

  • 32/34: 2 kn, 36/38: 3 kn, 40/42: 4 kn.
  • 47% Polyester, 20% Viscose, 13% Acrylic, 10% Mohair, 10% Polyamide

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