Knitting pattern Snow cuddly loop & cuffs DIY

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KNITTING INSTRUCTIONS for a cozy loop and cuffs

This fluffy loop warms shoulders, arms and back pleasant. In addition, it can be easily pulled over as required. The wool is cozy and soft. A yarn for parties. The knitting instructions contain the instructions for the loop and cuffs.

Contents of the knitting instructions

  • Knitting instructions for loop & cuffs
  • You can find the knitting box with yarn & instructions here .


  • German English


  • Beaugency: 55% Nylon 25% Acrylic 20% Wool

★ Here you will find the right bridal skirt .


The model wears the loop in white.


      Size: 32/34 36/38 40/42 (cm)

      • Height: 48/50/52
      • Circumference: 90/96/102

      Needed wool

        • You will find the knitting box with wool & instructions here .
          - Size XS (32/34) S (36/38)/ M (40/42)
          - SINGLE THREAD: Wool skeins/gram 5/250 gr., 6/300 gr., 7/350 gr.
          - DOUBLE THREAD: wool balls/gram 10/500 g, 10/500 g, 12/600 g.

      hand knitted

      Here I knit the model in pink with two threads. Knitted bridal loop in ivory and pink

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