Knitting instructions: Twisted shoulder warmer made of Silk Alpaca by Katia

inkl. MwSt.

Knitting instructions for a twisted throw

Here you can knit a beautiful scarf with a knitting pattern from Katia. A long drape wrap once twisted . He falls far and easily.

The scarf is knitted with sleeves. The whole model is knitted in one piece and is sewn together for the sleeves.


The scarf shown is knitted in a light brown. The poncho shown is knitted in a light brown. Alpaca wool is no longer available. A very similar yarn with a yardage of 145 m is Sky Concept , which is suitable for this knitting project. You may need to use a different knitting needle size to get the stitch gauge.

Silk Alpaca

  • Silk Alpaca Wool from Katia
  • 74% alpaca wool 26% silk
  • Running length: 150 m


  • Nd. 4.5 10x10cm: 17M 20R

Required skeins

  • size 36-42: 6 kn.
  • size 44-50: 7 kn.

You have looked at these models so far.