KNITTING INSTRUCTIONS for a light WIND stole, chunky knit

inkl. MwSt.

Knit your own stole in super large stitch

Knitted quickly - with great effect - in just a few hours - for your wedding. The stole is coarsely knitted with a super large knitting needle.

This makes the scarf light and airy, your skin shimmers through. Also suitable for beginners.

    Can't knit at all?

    Then maybe grandma, aunt or sister will help out. Most knitters will be happy about this task ;-).

    The Ingenua wool is available in many colors from white to red to black in my shop: Ingenua wool .

    Contents of the knitting instructions

    • Size: Uni: 62 x 200 cm
    • Knitting pattern with pattern.
    • Knitting instructions with model photo.

    knitting needles


    • Ingenua mohair 78% mohair 13% polyamide 9% virgin wool.
    • Here you can order the yarn in your favorite color: 3 balls.

      Stole knitted

      Here you will find the WIND model.

      knit box

      Wool & the knitting instructions in the practical knitting box.

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