Knitting instructions bridal loop STEFANIA made of baby alpaca by Lanartus

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DIY: Bridal loop to knit yourself

This bridal shoulder warmer not only warms the shoulders, it extends over the waist and is pleasantly warm. The wool is a soft natural yarn, a mixture of alpaca and silk.

The loop shown in the first picture is knitted in the color pink 110 baby alpaca. The following pictures show the loop in ivory.

The loop is knitted in two threads with a number 2 knitting needle. You can find a close-up view of the stitches in the picture gallery.

Something slightly warming to easily pull over - without ruining your bridal hairstyle .

★ Suitable for bridal skirts or dresses in white, ivory or cream.


    • You can order the matching baby alpaca wool here .

    Needed wool

    • Size: 32/34, 36/38, 40/42
    • Skeins/gram: 8/150, 8/150, 10/200

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