Knitting instructions Bolero SNOWBALL knitted in garter

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Cardigan falling wide to knit yourself

Do you have a lot of time right now? Then you can knit your own cuddly bolero with these knitting instructions .

Knitting is relaxing and ideas just come to you. You can also listen to a nice radio play and continue your education. The bolero is knitted from Beaugency wool by Phildar. You can find the yarn here .

      • For knitters with some experience.


  • English German

You need:

  • Yarn in the amount according to your size:
    • Size XS (32/34) S (36/38)/ M (40/42)
    • Wool balls/gram 9/450 gr., 9/450 gr., 11/550 gr.
  • Circular needle size 6 grey.

Yarn needed per size

  • Size XS (32/34) S (36/38)/ M (40/42)
  • Wool balls/gram 9/450 gr., 9/450 gr., 11/550 gr.

♥ You can order the matching yarns in my category WOOL . Knitting instructions and wool in the practical knitting box .

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