KNIT SET Mohair jacket SKY super loose knit

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Knit Box quickly knitted for a light bolero

With this set you can quickly knit your own cardigan for your wedding . The bolero is knitted in a coarse stitch from one arm to the other. For knitters with some experience: easy.

This cardigan for weddings and also to wear afterwards falls loosely soft and warms very pleasantly.


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The jacket shown in the first pictures is knitted in powder 63, the second model wears the bolero in white with a bridal skirt in ivory.


  • Knitting instructions as a colored booklet.
  • Mohair wool from Katia Size S/M/L: 2/3/3 balls.
  • knitting needles in size 15 grey.
  • Model photo & cut.

++ You can knit your jacket in one afternoon with just 2 balls of wool and a size 15 knitting needle . ++

You can't knit at all? Then you can order this chunky knitted cardigan here and the bridal skirt here .


  • Please select your size in the selection box
  • S: 34/36
  • M: 38/40
  • L: 42/44


Choose "my color" from the color selection box > enter your desired color in the comments according to the wool balls shown.


  • 8% mohair 13% polyamide 9% virgin wool

Number of balls of wool required

  • Size S 100g 2 balls Size M 125g 3 balls Size L 150g 3 balls

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