Knit Kit cozy bolero for children Glen knitted with soft wool in white, pink, light blue ...

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Knit Kit for a cute cardigan for flower children

With this knitting kit you will knit a cozy jacket for girls to play and party with.

You can knit a cute bolero with just one ball of yarn. You can choose these colors:

  • pink
  • light brown
  • berry

Contents of the knitting set

  • Knitting instructions as a colored booklet
  • matching wool
  • model photo
  • cut

With a size 7 knitting needle , this flower children's bolero is also knitted in just a few hours .


Communion jacket to knit yourself

A bolero for children is a good accessory for every party. Girls love bolero jackets made from soft grain . Choose your size in the selection box. This jacket is quick to knit. This cardigan is perfect for school enrollment or communion .


Select "my color" from the color selection box > enter your desired color from the color chart in the comments.


  • 100% polyamide Length: 150g=85m
  • Needle Size: 7mm
  • Gauge: 13M/19R

Number of balls required

  • Size 110 - 122 50g 1 ball
  • Size 128 - 140 100 g 2 balls
  • Size 146 - 164 150 g 3 balls

Can't knit at all? You can buy this coarsely knitted jacket already knitted and sewn: Click here for the COSMO model.

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