KNIT SET Bridal stole knitted on the right for her wedding, box with the yarn of your choice

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The knit box for your bridal stole

Knitted from kid mohair, baby alpaca or cashmere to knit yourself.

The finest kid mohair with a fine silk thread or cashmere , cuddly and elegant. Cashmere is particularly suitable for sensitive wearers, it does not itch. Can be knitted with one, two or even three threads.

This stole is knitted in stockinette stitch, a simple knit. You need a few balls of mohair, alpaca or cashmere, needle size 3.5, some time and patience. After a few evenings, your dream piece can be ready.

I hope you enjoy knitting ☺

Contents Knit Kit

  • Knitting instructions as a colored booklet
  • wool of their choice
  • model photo


  • German and English


Select "my color" from the color selection box > enter your desired color from the color chart in the comments.


Choose "Baby Alpaca", "Cashmere" or "Kid Mohair" from the selection box:

  • Kid Mohair : 70% Kid Mohair, 30% Silk
    Barrel length: 25g=200m
    Needle size: 3.5-4.5
  • Baby Alpaca : 70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Silk
    Barrel length: 25g=175m
    Needle size: 3-3.5
  • Cashmere : 70% Cashmere, 25% Silk, 5% Merino
    Barrel length: 25g=300m
    Needle size: 3.5-4.5

You need a 3.5 needle for a stole, for Gr. uni 125g: 5 kn. Wool.

If you want to knit accessories like legwarmers, order a ball, you can find the yarn here .


  • German English

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