HANDKNIT stole for brides WIND transparent, soft and fluffy ♥

inkl. MwSt.

Bridal stole knitted in a transparent coarse stitch

Wonderfully soft flowing stole and you can wear it in different ways.

This stole always fits and can be easily removed and protects you from freezing during your wedding .

This knitted model warms you up without making you sweat. Perfect for changing temperatures, such as walking from church to the park or to your restaurant. Even after your wedding , the stole can be easily combined with jeans or an evening dress.

♥ This bridal stole is hand knitted ♥

The most popular colors

white, beige, light blue
Ingenua Mohair white for her bridal stoleIngenua mohair powder light gray for her bridal stoleIngenua mohair light blue for her bridal stole

The model wears this stole in beige . This stole is available in many colors. You can see all colors in the picture gallery. Please select "My color" and then enter your desired color number.

All colors except white, cream, powder and beige knitting were made to order* for you on customer request.

The right size

  • University
  • Width approx.: 50cm
  • Length: 200cm


  • Mohair: 78% mohair, 13% polyamide, 9% virgin wool
  • Alpaca Silver: 73% Alpaca 20% Polyamide 7% Polyester
    • We are happy to knit this stole for you from the material Alpaca Silver *. You can find the available colors here .

Discount for multiple stoles

Would you like the stole in several colors ? Or maybe you want to order the stole for your bridesmaids as well. I would be happy to give you a discount, please add your wishes in the comments or write to me at info@beemohr.de.

* not returnable

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