KNIT SET Knit a sofa blanket with Love Wool from KATIA

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Cozy sofa blanket knitted from Love Wool

This cozy blanket is knitted with Love Wool from Katia. It is knitted in one color with a border and squares. The blanket is knitted with knitting needle size 12 according to the instructions.

For knitters with some experience, this sofa blanket is easy to knit and is quickly finished. Maybe you want to give the blanket away ? The recipient will definitely be happy.


  • Width: 1m Height: 1.20m
  • Note from Beemohr: If you want the blanket larger, you can knit the blanket with knitting needles size 15, 16, 17 up to 20.

Love Wool knitted with knitting needle size 15:

Love Wool by Katia

    Knit box content

    • Love Wool by Katia 10 balls
    • Knitting instructions for the blanket
    • Optional 1 pair of 12mm or 15mm knitting needle tips and reusable connecting cord


    The blanket shown is knitted in pearl light gray 105.

    Size and required wool

    • University: 10 kn.

    Wool - Properties

    • 85% virgin wool, 15% alpaca
    • Barrel length: 100g= 50m


    • German, Spanish, English

    Blanket knitted

    You can order this blanket already knitted here .

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