Lettering YES to knit into bridal jackets or sweaters

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Knitting font for the lettering YES

Would you like a cardigan with the lettering YES for your wedding ? Then you will find the right knitting chart here. With the knitting lettering, the lettering can be knitted in in your desired color or with a mattress stitch Embroider . You can use this font for different wool qualities.

knitting font

  • E-book with precise instructions and knitting chart.


With this knitting chart you can use all colors. We knit gold on cream.

Order a cardigan

You'll find the cardigan knitted ready for you here .


        • Mohair Lanartus
        • Night Lanartus
        • Gauge: 20 sts x 26 rows = 10cmx10cm.
        • Size approx. Width: 20 cm, Height: 17 cm

        a notice

        You can also use other wool , the size will change according to your gauge. We also use baby alpaca from Lanartus as base wool.

        A colored wool in pink, gray or whatever you want makes the lettering more subtle. For example, you could use:

        • Baby alpaca white + baby alpaca pink
        • Baby alpaca red + cashmere cream

        You have looked at these models so far.