Lettering BUY for knitting or embroidering

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Knitted font for the lettering BUY and dollar sign

Equities are becoming more popular again, especially since there are hardly any investment alternatives. The money market account does not even bring in inflation interest, real estate is hardly affordable.

That's why the signs for stocks are BUY . If you are a stock owner or a trader , then a sweater with this lettering is just the thing. Especially when the mood is in BUY MODE right now.

For the SELL days we also have the right lettering here .

knitting font

  • E-book with precise instructions and knitting chart.


I think green fits best for the lettering BUY , but you can choose that freely.

        material & size

        • Your choice
        • Size approx. Width: 25 cm, Height: 17 cm

        a notice

        You can also use other wool , the size will change according to your gauge. We use baby alpaca from Lanartus as base wool.

        A colored wool in pink, gray or whatever you want makes the lettering more subtle. For example, you could use:

        • Baby alpaca white + baby alpaca pink
        • Baby alpaca red + cashmere cream

        You have looked at these models so far.