FOR YOU: Twisted scarf for your evening dress for low-cut dresses

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Bolero can be worn in many ways, turned in the back or open

This scarf with the knot in the back is an absolute eye-catcher. You can vary and also wear it open.

You will be warmed up exactly in the sensitive areas: arms and shoulders and your dress can still be seen in all its glory. The best compromise if you don't really want to wear a jacket with a dress .

The wide-cut arm makes the silhouette, which runs narrow from the shoulder area, perfect. Everyone will admire you .

We knit this bolero scarf from cashmere . This wool is as light as a feather and you still feel the pleasant softness.

Anyone who has touched cashmere knows its fascination. It's soft and light.

Every woman should have at least one cashmere model in her closet.


  • 70% cashmere, 25% silk, 5% merino


We are happy to produce the color of your choice*.

Please send me a photo of your dress: so that I can give you a color recommendation.

++ Knitted in one of our knitting studios in Germany ++

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