SALE Recycle - Yarn made from recycled cotton and PET bottles

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EKOS - Sustainable wool for your knitting projects + free crochet pattern

Make your projects with Katia EKOS yarn. The world's most sustainable yarn, developed to reduce our ecological footprint on earth.

Knit and crochet your creations in unique colors without dyes, so no water consumption and chemical products during production. The recycling of raw materials and the production of each skein uses 50 % solar energy , reducing greenhouse gas emissions .

    Katia EKOS exists thanks to the Recover textile recycling system, pioneering the development of recycled yarns with minimal ecological impact.

    ++ Home accessories, bags and storage boxes can be knitted from this yarn. ++

    Knitting sets including knitting instructions and the right wool can be found here .

    Wool - properties

    • 50% Recycled Cotton - 47% Recycled Polyester from PET Bottles - 3% Other Fibers
    • Barrel length: 50g=50m
    • Care: 30° hand wash

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