Do-it-yourself sweaters in neon colors

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Knit sweater from Ingenious wool

Knit this sweater in a neon color or in a muted color. With these knitting instructions, the sweater is easy to knit. This jumper is knitted with size 12 and 20 needles.

The sweater is knitted in one piece.

This model:

  • was knitted in neon pink color number 83.

With this slightly thicker Ingenious wool and thicker knitting needles , you can quickly knit your light sweater. A nice idea for a gift too.


  • Size: one size
  • knitting instructions

♥ Knit her everyday sweater ♥

Knitted ready to go

If you don't know how to knit at all, then you can order this jumper ready-knitted here .

Knit Kit

  • You can find the instructions with the matching yarn here .

Yarn needed for a sweater

For this sweater, knitted in size uni , you need 5 balls of Ingenious Big yarn.

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