Bridal sweater with low back ♥ COCO ♥ knitted for weddings

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♛ Sweater with extra cozy border ♛

A real eye-catcher and this knit sweater is super comfortable. It falls loosely and goes well with a dress as well as with your favorite pair of jeans.

This bridal sweater is knitted straight and slightly waisted, the large neckline in the back captivates, and the entire edge is crocheted with soft wool, which gives COCO an extra classy look.

♥ Knit sweater with extra large back neckline ♥

Coco - the name

Somehow this name came up in different contexts for me and so I chose it for this sweater . I wasn't thinking of Coco Chanel , although I have great respect for this successful label. In fact, I was thinking of my grandmother in Berlin.

The holidays there were always wonderful and Berlin was in Eastern times, almost like a western island for us children, there were more in the department stores and my grandmother, as a pensioner, was able to shop in the west from time to time, twice a year if I remember correctly. She lived in a so-called prefabricated building with a view of the Alex.

And she had a budgie named Coco . A green and yellow bird that made sure that all my grandmother's banknotes had a nice jagged pattern around them☺.


  • white in cashmere* quality
  • ivory in alpaca and cashmere
  • cream available in alpaca and cashmere

* Pure white is only available in cashmere, the baby alpaca can be ordered in the lightest shade of ivory.


  • Baby Alpaca: 70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Silk
  • Cashmere: 70% cashmere, 25% silk, 5% merino

custom made

  • 3/4 sleeves

++ We have been knitting in our knitting studio in the south of Hamburg since 2007 ++

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