Phildar Phil Beaugency wool for fluffy jackets and sweaters

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Wool for cozy and festive cardigans

This fluffy yarn with a long pile is suitable for cozy jackets and sweaters.

We knitted some bridal jackets & bridal sweaters out of it. I also knit this wool with other wools such as mohair, which becomes really fluffy.

When I saw this wool at the fair, I already knew what it was used for! This is the perfect yarn for flower children's jackets or cozy cardigans for children. Children love everything that is fluffy and different.

In the picture gallery you can see models knitted with Phildar's Beaugency yarn . They serve as an example and are not included.

Knitting instructions for free

  • Instructions for a beige sweater FREE : Language: French.

Knit kits

You can find knitting instructions and yarn here .

Wool properties of Phil Beaugency

  • 55% Nylon 25% Acrylic 20% Wool
  • Barrel length: 50g = 86m
  • Needle size: 5 - 6 mm
  • Gauge: 17M/23R
  • Care: 30° hand wash

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