KNIT SET Knit sweater cuddly - soft for children from Katia polar wool

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Knitted jumper with short sleeves

Little girls will feel good in this sweater made of polar wool. This sweater knits up quickly and is super cozy. Your daughter or niece will be happy if you get this sweater as a gift. ☺

★ This Knit Kit contains

  • 1 knitting instructions with picture and pattern.
  • Katia polar wool according to your chosen size:
    • 4/6/8/10: 3/2 skeins, 14 4/2 skeins, each more yarn in the main color, shown here light blue 81 and less in the upper color shown here cream 80.

You will also need a size 10 knitting needle .


  • Polar by Katia: 100% polyester

Make yourself comfortable at home, maybe with a coffee and delicious biscuits and knit loose; it's relaxing and creative at the same time. This knitting project also makes a great gift . Choose your color from the available Polar wool and write your desired color in the comments. Please indicate your desired main color - light blue in the picture and the secondary color.

Happy knitting :-)


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