SALE INGENIOUS Big wool by KATIA thick wool in pink, neon green and blue for cool jackets and sweaters

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Super thick glowing wool

My daughter chose this thick yarn from Katia , she wanted a sweater in bright pink . I also liked the wool and off we went:

  • I ordered a selection of colors
  • Measure my daughter
  • Created the knitting instructions
  • And start knitting, here are the pictures of the sweater and
  • the wonderful wool to go with it

With this yarn you can knit sweaters , jackets , hats and scarves in just one afternoon - for yourself or as a gift .

I knitted the pink sweater in one day and it is a present for my daughter.

The neon - green wool was already a hit in the 80s and 90s. I can still remember exactly, I bought a neon-colored T-shirt in Hungary in 88, there were always better clothes there than in the GDR. And what do you think I bought with my welcome money:

  • Exactly: bright neon - colored wool :-)

++ You can order the knitting box for the sweater here . ++

Wool - Properties

  • 40% acrylic, 30% mohair, 30% polyamide
  • Barrel length: 100g = 60m
  • Needle size: 10 - 18 mm Gauge: 8M/8R
  • Care: 30° hand wash


The matching knit kits can be found here .

Order Katia yarn online at Beemohr for your knitting projects.

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