Light blue knitted bolero with short sleeves for spring & summer

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Cardigan with short sleeves for wedding dresses and skirts

For spring or summer many brides want the weather to be as good as possible so that a jacket is not necessary for the wedding day. Most of the time, however, the weather is unpredictable.

This short-sleeved jacket is close-fitting and knitted from angora . Suitable for weddings in:

  • Spring Summer

Single piece: light blue, Gr. 36/38

A bolero jacket to quickly pull over for church, registry office, champagne reception and photo shoot.

The model wears the bolero in light blue that goes well with cream-colored dresses, for ivory-colored dresses it is best to choose ivory.


    This bolero is loosely knitted and will fit your usual size.


    • 70% Angora, 30% Silk

    The name Betty Blue

    A popular color for weddings this year is light blue and it is being ordered more than usual. When I put this jacket online and was looking for a suitable name; I immediately thought of "Betty Blue". Betty Blue based on the novel of the same name by Philip Dijan. Some may know the film. Philip Dijan usually has a male protagonist who works more or less successfully as a writer, struggling through life alone with various love affairs.

    I used to read almost every book by him, but now the characters are a bit too crazy for me.

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