EBOOK 3 knitting instructions for models made of cozy wool

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3 knitting instructions for cuddly models

You are getting married or are invited to a wedding or a special birthday. The right dress , trouser suit or skirt is often already in the closet, but what if it gets cooler. A simple cardigan or sweater may not suit the occasion.

A jumper or cardigan knitted from fine, fluffy yarn could be just the right accessory. In this e-book I have selected 3 knitting instructions that are very popular to order. If you can't decide yet or you want to knit several models, then this e-book is just the right thing for your knitting projects .

The knitting instructions are linked above each picture, so that you can order the right yarn at the same time.

For the cuddly models you need this yarn: Beaugency .


  • Vicky & Jacky: 32/34, 36/38, 40/42, 44/46
  • Sarah: 32/34, 36/38, 40/42

3 knitting instructions

With this book you have the choice between 3 different knitting instructions .

These knitting instructions are included

Bridal sweater Vicky
Bridal jacket Jacky
Cuddly accessories for weddings from Beemohr
Bridal bolero Sarah
Knitting instructions for a bridal jacket made of fine yarn from Beemohr

You have looked at these models so far.