For you: COOL bridal bolero ANNA with hood - marry DIFFERENTLY

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Hooded bridal bolero

... many customers wished for it and here it is.

A jacket that covers your shoulders and back and if it rains at your wedding, you even have a hood. A hooded jacket is something different and you can't take beautiful pictures during a shoot.

If you like a longer hooded jacket because her dress is lower-cut, the Kim model might be a better option:

Beemohr knits bolero jackets for brides


  • Cashmere; 70% cashmere, 25% silk, 5% merino
  • baby alpaca; 70% baby alpaca, 30% silk

What makes the wool different?

Cashmere is beautiful and a touch more delicate and soft than baby alpaca . Baby alpaca has the same wearing properties and is just as skin-friendly, it is a bit thicker and more robust.


We knit this model as a custom-made product*.

++ Knitted in our knitting studio in Germany++

* not returnable

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