Bridal loop to knit yourself with polar wool & knitting pattern

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Bridal loop to warm the shoulders

This bridal loop is knitted from wool and looks like a fur throw. It is in no way inferior in terms of thermal properties and is also nice and soft .

This knitted loop is knitted in one piece and has a twist in the front area. Knitting is also suitable for beginners.

Video of the bride with loop

With a few balls of wool and a little time, this loop is quickly knitted. If you don't have time or not enough practice, a relative, for example mom, grandma or sister, might like this bridal knit loop for they knit. Most are happy if you are involved in the wedding planning .

This knitted loop goes well with wedding dresses and wedding skirts

... and it is a great pleasure to knit it. The large knitting needle makes it quick and you can see progress in a short time.

If you want to knit gauntlets, order an extra ball.

In the knitting box you will find

  • Knitting instructions with picture
  • Yarn in the amount of your chosen size
  • Wooden knitting needle points number 6
  • Connection cable reusable for other knitting needle sizes . Cable length: 100 or 120 cm.

Choose your size in the selection box according to the following information.

size & wool

  • Size S 34/36: 2 kn. M 38/40: 2 kn. L 40/42: 3 kn.


  • cream
  • pink
  • Light Blue
  • Heather gray


  • Fleece mix: 100% polyester

Would you prefer to buy the loop already knitted?

Then order this bridal loop here .

In the video

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