Through - shimmering bridal jacket in the material mix cream

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A bridal jacket knitted with two yarns

I had this pattern in my head for a long time, now I finally dared to do it. And here it is the bridal bolero made from a combination of two different yarns: mohair and merino.

Alternating transparent and opaque, it creates a beautiful and unique look. The model is stable and warm.

From last year's collection

  • There are still 2 models available in cream , the color ivory is shown.

stitch pattern

The crocheted stitch pattern allows your wedding dress to shine through, magically romantic and elegant. In addition, you will always feel comfortably warm, whether in the church, the registry office or at the champagne reception outdoors. The bolero jacket only covers the arms and back. Her wedding dress can be seen almost completely.


  • MOHAIR: 45% kid mohair, 45% merino, 10% polyamide

++ Knitted in Germany ++

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